Maynu’s Pick 4 Weekly Any Year 1804 (April 8-14)

Maynu’s Weekly Predictions for Pick 4

(All-State) Any Year Calendar-Based Predictions for the Lottery

April 8-14

Main 10 “All State” Combinations for the Week



26 “Single State” Combinations



This Week’s Broad-Stroke Trios

697X- X978- 69X8-6X78


Check to see how your all-state or single state plays like these calendar based lottery predictions in previous years. Can be used year after year on the dates specified above. Designed for use in mechanical ball / non-computerized drawings. For entertainment purposes only.

Extracted from Maynu’s Weekly Lottery Predictions for Pick 4 Win 4 Big 4 Cash 4 Daily 4. Available for PreOrder by Month’s end.

Maynu’s Weekly Predictions

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