SBIP999’s MM-2Z Lottery System for Pick 3

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SBIP999’s MM-2Z Lottery System for Slaying Straights in the Pick 3 Cash 3 State Games Get Your Straight Hit in 9 Draws or Less Using SBIP999’s newly discovered MM-2Z Strategy

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Is there a way to profit in the Pick 3 Cash 3 lottery games without a strategy for predicting when a straight hit will come based on a previous draw?

Probably. But you do know that it takes more than a few ?box? or ?any? hits to make up for just one missed straight hit. And it is much more profitable to chase straight hits then boxes / any plays. So SBIP999 has come up with a unique way for you to position the digits in your play combinations to ensure that the most straight hits will show up in your play selections.

With the 999 MM-2Z Lottery System for Slaying Straights in the Pick 3, you are given a set of specific lottery combinations to play once you see a “trigger” combination in your state lottery game. This System effectively reduces your play selections per draw from 1 in 1000 down to about 24-28 hot combinations.

We show you how to position each of the digits in your 3-digit combination to maximize the number of straight hits you can receive — in 9 draws or less.

Let’s be clear, no lottery system can guarantee you a win every time, but this one helps you identify boxes/any and straight hits that are most likely to be drawn in the next nine draws, with an emphasis on targeting and slaying straights as they make their entrance.

Full color, and discount pricing … because you deserve the best value for your lottery dollars!

Here is what one of our customers said about the MM2Z Lottery strategy book:

Hello! This is [XXX] again! I just wanted to tell you that your MM-2Z lottery system is the best cash 3 system that I have ever seen in my life! It hit again today in South Carolina with the 150 [combination]. I am just sorry that I didn’t play. Thanks for creating this great system! I wish you could create a system like this for cash 4!

Q.C. in South Carolina

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