999 Simple Back Pairs Pick 3 Chart

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999 Simple Back Pairs Chart consists of 99 back pairs (from 01-99). It gives you three (3) main pairs to consider for each back pair, plus an optional “mate” pair to consider for the next three to four draws.

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I use this 999 Simple Back Pairs Chart in conjunction with my informal 7 Day strategy.

For example, you look at your last draw, let’s say in NC on 1/09/18, the evening draw was 313, and I am trying to decide what to play on Wednesday, 1/10.

So I grab the three or four pairs from the 999 Simple Back Pair Chart and see that it advises me to consider pairs 85-86-87 and 83 off my last draw back pair of 13.

Last Draw Back Pair


Main Pairs to Consider


Optional Mate


Next I go back seven days in the NC lottery to see what pairs fell last Wednesday

In this example, the pairs that fell on Wednesday 1/03 were:

Wed, Jan 3, 2018 895 561

In this example, I see that 895 fell seven days ago. From using the seven day backtracting method for so long, I know that the digit 9 likes to sometimes re-emerge as digit 6 and vice-a-versa. So I decide that the pairs for this Wednesday may come from the 895 combo, instead of the 561 from one week ago.

Then I look at my Simple Pairs Chart and see that the 86 pair is there. Since 86 and 83 pairs are mates, I suspect I will see one of those two pairs in one of the drawings that fall on 1/10. [ I even post my theory on my LP blog–prior to the drawing–located here.]

With the 999 Simple Back Pair Chart, playing in a Front Pair / Back Pair state becomes a breeze–at least for the small wins.

To play all four pairs will cost $2.00 for each single pair at .50 cents each, or $8 bucks to play them all. However, since I have narrowed it down to either pair 86 or its mate pair 83, that would be a cost of $4 on a $25 payout. [With the front pair / back pairs you would need to play X83, X38, 83X AND 38X for the single pair, with the same for the 86 pair.]

In the example posted, I also added a few combos to the mix off the 895 combo from one week prior. The combos I decided to focus on were:

(Combos: 857-865-863-835-870-871)

The midday draw on 1/10/2018 was 538, a draw #1 box hit from combining the seven day backtracting strategy, plus help from use of the 999 Simple Back Pair Chart.

You may use the 999 Simple Back Pair Chart in conjunction with any of your other workouts to further narrow down your plays or pairs.

On that same day, SC had a similar hit using the Simple Back Pair Chart in the evening, sporting a draw #1 hit off it’s midday draw using the pairs from the Chart.

Download Sample Hits in 9 Select States (NC-SC-CT-NY-MD-NJ-WVA-TN-CA-) here

(Includes two computerized drawing states)


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