999 Pick 4 Trio Manifesto and Pick 3 Pair Manifesto (2-BK BUN)


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Find your Pick 3 Pairs and Your Pick 4 Trios based on your end digits in the Pick 3 and Cash 4 Lottery Games. Uses 999 Mathematics of Random rules to make predictions. A 999 Resource for players in non-computerized, mechanical ball lottery drawings..

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With 715 box combinations in the Pick 4 Cash 4 Daily 4 Win 4 lottery games, we use the last digit of each drawing to predict the six (6) most likely trio sets to emerge in upcoming draws. This makes its a whole lot easier to identify a winning combination.

The 999 Pick 4 Trio Manifesto uses SBIP999’s extensive knowledge of the individual properties of each digit, and it is a “must have” for any serious Pick 4 lottery player.

We think it is your most complete reference guide for the Pick 4 games because we also include all the “twin trio combinations” and “complementary” mate trio combinations so you further increase your chances of scoring a hit.———

Add to this title our 999 Pick 3 Pair Manifesto

Our 2nd Edition. Updated and revised in June 2012 with more pairs at your disposal.

With the 999 Pick 3 Pair Manifesto, you can use single pairs and / or double pairs to predict upcoming lottery draws. We include special pairs ?99? and ?00? and tell you why they are unique and what to look for when you see them.

100 Pick 3 ?End Digit Pairs? and their three digit followers all included.


Designed for single state players?preferably with online access?you will be surprised at the accuracy of this method, and wonder how you ever got along without these pairs and their followers at your fingertips.

Players in states that have ?front pair? and ?back pair? drawings?such as Florida, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, South Carolina?will find this guide a valuable addition to help narrow down your pair selection.

All the heavy lifting is already done for you. So take a break from your workouts, relax and let 999 show you what combinations to play in Pick 3.

Though it seems to be 100 Pick 3 pairs, we break it down to just 10 with this pair system, making predicting upcoming draws a snap.

The 999 Pick 3 Pair Manifesto is a ?must have? for any serious Pick 3 lottery player.


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