999 Pick 3 Lottery Players Club, Vol 3


Our 999 Players Club Volume 3 contains one (1) Pick 3 lottery strategy, the 999 SD-Zero-NR Grouper, and two (2) Pick 3 lottery charts, the L2DP Pair Chart and the 2 Main Pairs for the Pick 3 Chart.

Format: Softcover Book

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SD Zero NR Grouper Pick 3 Strategy


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The SD Zero NR Grouper Pick 3 Lottery Strategy shows you what to play anytime you have a “zero” in the middle of a Pick 3 Lottery Combination. This strategy shows you what to play anytime you have a “zero” in the middle of a Pick 3 Lottery Combination.

You are given one pair to focus on once you see these “trigger” combinations in your single state lottery drawing. This strategy helps you to significantly narrow down your lottery plays to just 10 combinations or less based on the two-digit triggers that you see fall.

Add this new tool to your lottery strategy collection while reducing the amount of money you spend on every lottery drawing. Plus, you do not have to play this strategy every day to try to get a win. Use it only when you see one of the ten “two-digit” triggers fall in your state.

Only 1 Pair to Play… Only 10 “two-digit” trigger combinations to watch for… Only Play When a trigger combination has shown so you Save $$$!


The L2DP Pairs Chart gives…“A Quick Way To Use Only 3 Main Pairs to Snag A Hit And Increase Your Pick 3 Winnings This Week!”

Pick 3 Lottery Players will love having this one page “cheat-sheet” to find upcoming pairs for the week based on the two end digits of your last combination drawn in your single state lottery game.

The 999 L2DP Pair Stretch Chart also provides one optional complementary pair for those who live in states that offer a “front pair” and “back pair” playing option in the Pick 3 game. The 8.5 X 11 chart makes it easy for you to know which 3 to 4 pairs to focus on at a glance.

The “Two Pairs for the Pick 3 Chart” uses just 12-16 Main Combinations to Grab a Hit and Increase Your Pick 3 Winnings.

SBIP999 Says: “Segment … Segment … Segment to Win, Win, Win!” This Pick 3 Chart targets upcoming plays based on “resistant” digits found in certain type combinations drawn in your single state lottery game. In this Chart, SBIP999 uses the power of number segmentation to narrow draw plays down to less than two pairs each draw.

Also known as the 999 2NR-1RD-X7 Chart, this system identifies just two (2) main pairs to focus on, and then tells you the best combinations to play from those two main pairs. It only uses “resistant” digits –which will be identified — that show up with “non-resistant” digits as trigger combinations.

The strategy and charts are all designed to help you win more in your pick 3 single-state, non computerized, mechanical ball lottery drawings

An sbip999 creation.


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