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“Getting To 9”


GT9  is a lottery term SBIP999 coined to mean “Getting to 9“.

Like “mirrors” in the lottery game, where you substitute one digit for another in its calculation, the GT9 of a number requires translating one number into another as well.

For example, with GT9 substitutions, whatever the original digit is, it is replaced by the digit that will cause the sum of the number to equal 9, or as we like to say, to “get to 9”.

See the GT9 chart below for all the GT9 values of each digit

In some other lottery circles, the concept of “Getting To 9” may be expressed as finding the “Total”, and the GT9 Mirror as finding the “Mirror of the Total”.

How to Compute the GT9:

To obtain the GT9 of a number, you subtract the number from 9. For example, the GT9 of 8 would be 1: 9-8=1.

Use the chart below to find GT9 for each number.

Here is your GT9 Value Chart 











The GT9 of 987 would be 012, ie 9-9=0, 9-8=1, 9-7=2. The GT9 of 588 is 411.

Some of the workouts you will learn on this site use the concepts of finding the mirror, the GT9 and the GT9 mirror of an original number. Sometimes this original number is the last draw that came out in the state. Sometimes it will be a calendar number derived from the calendar date. But whatever the number is, always find the mirror, the GT9, and then the GT9 mirror. This will sometimes produce the next draw hit.

“Today is a very good day to win the lottery!”

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