999 Lottery Tip #001-Itchy Hands

About those itchy hands:

Whenever my hands start to itch, I look for a 74 pair to come out in the lottery games. In all state plays you might not be able to play all of the 74X combinations, but at least do the doubles, ie 747-744. My next picks would be 740 and 741.

Here’s some of my recent plays/paper all-state wins from using this lottery tip on 4/19/2018

SBIP$999 Delaware Play 3 Night Straight + 3-Way Box 4-7-4 4-7-4 $330
SBIP$999 Michigan Daily 3 Midday 3-Way Box 5-7-7 7-7-5 $80
SBIP$999 Nebraska Pick 3 Straight + 3-Way Box 6-1-6 6-1-6 $330
SBIP$999 New Jersey Pick 3 Evening 3-Way Box 7-4-7 7-7-4 $80
SBIP$999 New Jersey Pick 3 Evening Straight + 3-Way Box 7-7-4 7-7-4 $330

In front pair / back pair states, you could also take a chance that the 74 pair will fall either in the front or the back of the combinations. In SC/NC that will cost you $2.00 per draw for a $25 prize. Or you could play all the 477X or 447X combinations at $5 each. Doubles bring $200 for .50 cent/any plays. But being the ultra conservative player that I am, I would only play the trios if my hands were really itching something bad, which happened to be the case this time.

This just in. In NC on 4/21

Sat, Apr 21, 2018 298 728 2109 9474

Pay attention: I don’t just make this stuff up.

Note: Itchy hands can also mean you will get money from some/any source within three days.  I used to think it had to be your right hand itching for money to come in, and money going out if it was the left hand, but in the lottery, your left hand itching will pull the 74 pair as quickly as the right hand.

Who knew?

I dare you to ask me where the 616 straight hit came from in the win chart above. For that you will need to see Tip #2

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