999 Lottery Tip #003–Crazy Images

About those crazy images you might see upon waking after a good night’s sleep or even when you are napping in the daytime.

Sometimes when you are in-between the sleep state and the waking state–in that sweet spot state–you will see an image flash before you. If it is a crazy image, you should look it up and translate it into Pick 34 numbers. The crazier the image, the more likely it is to show up in your state or “all-state” plays.

The first time I hit using this tip, I had had an image of a cat in the trunk of a car. I looked it up and put $.50 box/any play on the resulting combination. It put $200 in my pocket that day. And the thing about this image is that it just kept coming back to my mind so I had no chose but to play it.

Who knew?

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