ImageWeaver Lottery Predictions 34 for 22 February 2019

Note: These predictions come from Ama Maynu, our lottery strategist, who receives visible number “images” on occasion. Below the images may be dream words or phrases which have been converted into pick 3 and cash 4 combinations. Use at your own discretion in “all-state” plays. These predictions are generally good for up to 10 days,

Today’s Images




WILD: 9174-6624-6024

**FYI: In front pair/back pair states try using the last two digits of an image to create your pairs, and playing those pairs for two to three draws only


Today’s Random Number


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2 comments on “ImageWeaver Lottery Predictions 34 for 22 February 2019

Loretta Longworth

Hello are you still active I use to be part of this group


Hey Loretta, currently I do not have an active group, but will be reinstating my mailing list in the next month or so. Thanks for the inquiry, and good luck to you in the new year!


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