999 Kindling News April…Pick 34 Coupon, Cheatsheets and Freebies all here

April buds are just around the corner now that Spring has arrived.

Your new 999 Lottery Bookstore 34 is still feeling its way through the new season. But, it’s time to go outside in the sun and play.

This month our 25% off sale goes to our three (3) Players’ Club books, and Wednesday’s Sun. These four strategy books for the Pick 3 lottery games are worth getting to know to help you win more.

Four things coming your way for April.

  1. April CouponĀ  for the Deal of the Week is … aprilbuds25off . Use it now through the first week in April to claim your 25% off at checkout.
  2. April Cheatsheets now posted for the Pick 3 Cash 4 “all-state” Lottery games
  3. Your Free 12 N Play for the last week in March and first week in April now available. Take a look now in the comment section to see how March’s final week has scored so far in straight and box/any hits in all state plays
  4. Sign up below for site updates so you never miss your weekly 12 N Play, which is currently a freebie to all but may soon be restricted to logged in users only.
999 Kindling News
999 Kindling Newsletter provides your monthly store coupon code to save 25% on select titles each month. You will receive 12-N-Play lottery predictions each week, image/dreamweaver predictions and tips to help you win more in the Pick 34 games. And yes...its FREE!

Use your 999 store coupon to take advantage of April Specials now thru April 8

999 Deal of the Week for April

Coupon Code for April’s 999 Bookstore Specials:


Welcome to our new bookstore. Let us know if you encounter any problems.

Enjoy April’s “12 N Play” Pick 34 Freebies Here!

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